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Step Feng charming to the bones sturdy days after this manner of speaking have become accustomed to, but he had to admit, the front of the intelligence value terror to the ultimate woman, born a demon, to know that in Bing Sneakers Isabel Marant Wang mercenary group expedition gallop years, the Prince of at least 10 countries, as well as more members of the royal family swear she did not marry for life, but why walk in these influential men, and did not hear her any the virginity of the message, have lamented the wrist and powerful level.

In other words, as long as this woman think her personal connections in the world, can make a lot of unexpected earth-shattering event, even destroy the Kahn Group that the consortium, but the short span between .

Days later, Mei queen; division of the army, division, war.

This is called Ning Caiwei play two distinct roles at the same time, potential terrorist forces.

Days after the mind how delicate, naturally see the summer thousands of Mo looking poor, and took her physique and whispered: "Hee hee, thousands of Mo sister do not be afraid Oh, the soldiers of the king's eyes, but can not Isabel Marant Sneakers Bekket High top Suede White Blue Black tolerate second a woman, even Xiao butterfly died I have no way to seduce him to bed. Now there is another one you presumably more firmly to his nature. sister suggested that we do a good sister how? I teach you to seduce him The trick, must make him more than your toe. "

Summer and thousands of Mo skeptical: "Really?"

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Like Isabel Marant Sneakers Bekket High top Suede Blue Marine
any fantasy novel, described as real and profound place of Huaxia Wu school is able to fully grasp the various organs of the body, with a special environment created to achieve the purpose of defeating the enemy offensive and defensive moves, in fact, is itself a martial art.

Filled with the smoke of war on the battlefield, like the step maple this die you die that I live, the mercenaries in order to pursue the right to life, a blow to the enemy and strangled in the cradle, absolutely will not allow a second attack.

After all, the battlefield is a ruthless, but also do not need pity, even if the opponent is the child of a physically very weak, or no backhand power of women, the same is also true, because in the war, they are attacks on human weakness, chopsticks hand.

The tens of thousands of military sub-district officers and men of the stature of the eyes, step maple up and down to read, step away snakes every move with a strong target and attack, often find in the fast-moving process to each other's weaknesses and the Achilles heel, to be shot attack with this guy Thunder ten thousand ares conditions the ponley lightning speed, under the dazzling fighting skills that accentuates every man to touch a person's body is crashing down no rival, such as unhindered and without hesitation to resist?Isabel Marant Gatsy Zebra Print Gatsy Bordeaux Suede Pumps

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Coated male squinting eye, the rough outside, while inside calculation of the old man said: "start with the good, may not pick guard row.

"Who cares?" Isabel Marant Sneakers Bekket High top Suede Brown Yellow Step maple turned his eyes: "Mark my words. Temporary lieutenant colonel rank not higher than the height of more than one meter eighty below Yi Miqi five not weighing less than 75 kilograms not taller than I am handsome, do not. "

"What?" Coated male the eyes Dengyuan: the darn kid you selected military or ugly election? "

Osprey also weak: "boss, although I do not want to admit that this old man, but he said is the truth, looking haunted you handsome, very difficult."

"Step maple hearts anger: Grandpa, I look really be so unsatisfactory it?

"Well, the last one canceled, began to pick the number of requirements ... Well, two hundred people is enough."

This decision step Feng mainly to take into account the total number of cut military special commando also maintained in a hundred people, a few a lot of to do such things, it is inevitable to be eliminated as part of the streamline down is a good an expert in.

"Osprey side head, the Isabel Marant Sneakers Bekket High top Suede Gray Black Yellow text of Swift, said:" Are you optimistic about the various systems is known as the most important prerequisite of a hacker, to study the crack, the most important foundation is to know how to programming I am now on to the military sub-district database, clone a source code as a 'shell', then all instructions in this shell which enter the boss needs to let the system automatically screened. see, this method of operation is the first import ...

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Besides, Isabel Marant Dixie Suede Ankle Brown Boots. the military budget for each year of military sub-district only to be shot to help, but high prices. Tu V , you tell your dad, how much we had the price tag?

Tu V almost to tears, and then said: "no matter what the task, starting at $ 10 million; small task, for example, is to destroy the army of a one hundred fifteen million dollars; medium-sized tasks, such as the destruction of thousands of army, less than $ 50 million refused to talk to; large-scale tasks, such as the assassination of key officials in a country ten to the 6th, starting at one hundred million dollars, and an overlay. especially one or two man, at least five hundred million dollars. "Sneakers Isabel Marant

Between my dad to build a military sub-district elite squad attached to the central special commando comparable, no small difficulty, as appropriate, taking into account the human factor, it is the lowest price. "

"In other words, to $ 10 million?" Tu vigorous Lang whole body trembling, Hu Shi step Feng shouted: "son of a bitch, you clatter not try to steal?"

Step maple and summer thousands of foam on a teaser of the latter eyes, as if to say: "Maple brother is mercilessly slaughtered a Tu uncle quit, do not give him any left us to excuse If you always stay in the military region, and more people uncomfortable ah! "

Hint of the step maple is more energetic, hear the roar of the Tu-hung, breeze was clear smiled: "Tu old man, this is the lowest price, if even the lowest cost you can not afford to pay, I tell you, even if Tank Top in my head I do not bird you. "

Atmosphere, a little quiet.

A long while.

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Isabel Marant Poppy Suede Gray Pumps, Hello, I am the president of the Municipal People's Hospital ..."

Not yet wait until the president will be hand finished, you that soldiers have then interrupted and said: "Hello, I am a military sub-district cut military special operations commando captain Tu V, this came only as a private matter not so mark the occasion My brother painted the dragon, in this ward do? "

Dean speechless, and then nodded his head, said: "Yes, but your brother to my hospital, has been interrupted by the limbs, although we have the best orthopedic specialists for treatment, but cure chance of 40% of this or the other side to start with the very particular sense of proportion, or even the world famous doctor hands in helplessness. In addition, your brother seems to excessive shock, the spirit has been hit hard, consciousness is not awake at the time by. "

"Thank you."

Tu V nodded his head, ordered his medical staff sent before slowly push side, without feeling strong Smell nostrils, staring Tu Long goes on to be hit distorted cheeks, stern look.

Find out the whole story of the whole thing? "

"Captain, I have connected to the Sichuan studied the Municipal Office Tel Government Actually, I'm concealing, said Tu brother in Lung Fu Shan Biao car, and several other people from the conflict, then due to the fight."

"The other side is backing?"

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